Friday, January 6, 2012

first run of the new year

Duration: 44:21
Distance: 3.11 mi
Pace: 14'14"
Calories: 544

1 13:41 13'41"/mi
2 27:51 14'10"/mi
3 42:34 14'43"/mi

Considering I've not run since November 29th, and still managed to come in right around my normal 5K time, I'm pleased. My back was a bit sore from injuring it on Sunday, but I feel stronger having run through it. We'll see if I still feel stronger in a few hours!

I've set a Nike+ goal to run 200 miles in 2012. I'm not sure how feasible that is if I take up roller derby instead of running. I only ran 145 miles in 2011, and I did four half marathons. So 200 may be completely unrealistic. But hey, it gives me a carrot to chase. Anyway, it breaks down to less than 4 miles per week. There's no reason why I can't get a four mile run in each week.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

new year, time to get into gear

I completely slacked off for Christmas and New Years Eve, and since I injured my back on Sunday, putting away Christmas decorations, I've been completely useless all week this week. However, when I weighed myself at Publix on Wednesday night, I weighed in at 233. So I gained two pounds over the holiday. All things considered, that's not terrible.

I'm hoping my back feels better in the morning; it's my free Friday and I'd like to get a short run in the books.

I won't resume lifting weights until Sunday. And that really will depend on how my back ache is doing. It's been bad this week.

In other news, Monday night I went to a recruitment meeting for our local roller derby teams. I'm going to start attending practices. If I like it, if we can find a way to afford it, and if I survive their two month audition-type-thing, perhaps I'll take up roller derby. That would be a heck of a work out. Roughly 4.5-5 hours of skating each week (two practices per week). I'd like to be a roller derby girl!

A final thought: the Livestrong app made some changes. It's much nicer now.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

success and failure

Last week, I only lifted my weights and did my crunches three out of five nights. With two nights of jumping rope.

And one night of speed walking a theme park, for good measure. I'm amazed at how much we accomplished in just three hours at Disney.

This week, I won't lie, I have not yet exercised. I won't make excuses. I could find the time if I tried. Though Monday night I gave blood, and they advised no strenuous activity for a few days, and today is the first day I'm feeling better after being completely exhausted from the blood letting.

However... I weighed myself at Publix last night... 231! Down two pounds from last week, and six total since November 5th. Yay!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

jumping rope

Just finished my second night in a row of jumping rope. Good gravy that's exhausting! Last night I jumped roughly 220 times. Tonight, I jumped roughly 210 times.

I. Am. Beat.

But I'm trying to force motivation down my throat.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the truth is hideous

Renee has been very honest about her weight over on her blog. I will be honest, too. Even though the truth is frightening and ugly.

I don't own a scale, so when I weigh myself, I have to haul my fat ass onto the very public scale in the lobby of my local Publix. It can be humiliating if people are around, so I don't do it often. But I will try to do so once a month. I take my measurements more regularly, though, so I'll have to start journaling them on here.

On Saturday, November 5th, I weighed in at 237.

That is unbelievable. I don't think I look like what 237 should look like.

Tonight, I weighed myself again. I weighed in at 233.

I'm down 4 pounds in just over 5 weeks. I'll take it. Especially since I haven't really been trying, just ever so slightly increasing my exercising.

I'm trying to get my thinking turned around, and then once the holidays are over, I'm kicking it into top gear.

Hips: 46.25"
Waist: 42.5"
R Thigh: 26.5" (down .5)
L Thigh: 26.5" (down .5)
R Calf: 18.5"
L Calf: 18.5"
R Biceps: 14"
L Biceps: 14"
Bust: 44.5"

there's an app for that

Last night, I downloaded the Livestrong app for my iPad. I set up an account, and entered everything I consumed yesterday. The good news: it was under 2,000 calories for the entire day. The bad news: my exercise routine burns less than 100 calories per day. It's an approximation, as I couldn't figure out how to properly name my exercises to get their calories to turn up. So I called my crunches "stretches" and my dumbells something else.

I'm going to try to be good about tracking my comestibles. But this is a rough, rough time of year to start this! I came to work today and was given a tin of cookies. COOKIES!!!!


I think I'm going to give up hard liquor. I'll still allow myself wine and beer, but in moderation. I've already cut back on those. Giving up a martini, though, will be a challenge, as my husband makes a fabulous martini, and I do so love to drink.

Weeks 4&5: Nov 27 - Dec 7

Week 4 was a partial success. I think I missed one night.

Week 5 was not very successful. I think I missed two nights.

Life has been a bit chaotic, and I didn't make meeting my goal a priority.